AIS Therapy

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique that helps people maximize the effectiveness of stretching without causing the sort of discomfort that keeps a lot of us away from it. AIS is a specific stretching program developed by American Aaron Mattes over 30 years ago. Mattes is a registered Kinesiotherapist and Licensed Massage Therapist who has dedicated his practice to helping both professional and amateur athletes become more agile and less injured. He has treated the likes of Pete Sampras, Bo Jackson, Roger Clemens, Isaac Bruce, Todd Helton, US Presidents and many other professional athletes and celebrities. Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter regarded as the fastest person ever, and Magdalena Lewy Boulet, one of the top Marathon runners, are clients of AIS.

This technique uses four basic principles:

  1. Isolate the muscle to be stretched.
  2. Repeat the stretch 3 to 10 times.
  3. Hold each stretch for no more than two seconds.
  4. Exhale on the stretch; inhale on the release.

AIS does not only help athletes to become softer/more flexible, but it can greatly relieve suffering from back pain, neck pain, tension in shoulders and other ailments such as tennis elbow, a sore back from too much golf, sore knees from the rigours of squash. It also help to correct people’s posture so they can stand proud and tall (for CEOs or models).

The benefits of such an approach shall be better “experienced” rather than “explained”. The beneficiaries of this technique including some of the biggest names in business, politics, sports and modeling industry in Asia. Mr.Li Ka Shing, David Li of Bank of East Asia, Sir David Tang, chairman of China Club, Julian Robertson (founder of Tiger fund), actors such as Danial Wu, martial arts novalist Louis Cha Leung Yung (金庸), and our own Grandmaster Wan.

Specialists from Practical Wing Chun Shanghai learnt this technique through their certified training program and now offer this wonderful service to Shanghai. We are committed to solving the discomforts caused by improper excersice techniques, injury, emotional or physical stress, poor posture, or poor workplace ergonomics. It truly improves your quality of life as you can live a life free of neck, back pain and other discomforts without the use of invasive surgery or harmful medications.

AIS is also highly complimentary to the Wing Chun training.

It is highly complementary to Wing Chun training because it helps body awareness and relaxation which are critical to Practical Wing Chun. Here we would like to introduce the concept of “Complete Martial Arts Training” Matrix, which consists of four building blocks:

  • Practical Wing Chun for the fighting skills
  • Functional Cross Training (FCT) for external power and endurance
  • Stretch Therapy for joint strengthening and mobility
  • Qigong for internal power

Each block can be trained independently, or jointly at our club in Shanghai. The four of them all beautifully re-inforce each other. Please download the “Complete Martial Arts Training” Matrix in the download page for further elaboration.

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