Group Classes

Code Course Operation Hours
Fees (RMB)
Cost per hour
A1 Normal Group Classes (Unisex) 19:00 – 20:30 every Tuesday to Friday
15:00 – 16:30 Saturday and Sunday
*club is closed every Monday
i) 350 per class or -
ii) 800 monthly once a week -
iii) 1,200 monthly twice a week -
iv) 2,000 monthly pass unlimited -
v) 20,000 yearly pass unlimited -
Anybody above 13 years of age can join this class. Max 15 persons per class. 1.5 hours per session.
A2 Kids Group Classes 7-12 years of age
16:30 – 17:30
(Saturday and Sunday only)
i) 2,500 per 10-time package or -
ii) 10,000 per 48-time package -
Group class max 10 kids
A3 Self Training Anytime during opening hours
150 per entry or
2,000 per month
Use of facilities except the teaching areas
A4 Private Wing Chun Classes (Unisex) by booking
i) 1,800 per class or 1,800
ii) 12,000 per 10-time package (Silver Cards (W)) 1,200
iii) 30,000 per 30-time package (Gold Cards (W)) 1,000
One to one teaching 1 hour.
A5 Private Group Wing Chun Classes (Unisex) by booking
i)2 people 15,000 / per 10 hrs package 750/per person per hour
ii)4 people 17,000 / per 10 hrs package 425/per person per hour
Private Group class max 4 People
A6 Wooden Dummy/ Six and Half Point Pole/Eight Cutting Knives by booking
To be discussed upon request -
Private classes only
A7 Corporate Presentations by booking
10,000/ session -
40 minutes presentation on history of Practical Wing Chun, the entire system and Chi Sau (黐手) demonstration
*The course fee and other enquiries, please call 021-6076-0880.


  • Hall of Talking Hands (讲手堂)
  • - This area is so-called to commemorate late Sigung Wong Sheung Leung, whose nickname is “King of Talking Hands”.
    This area consists of three parts:
    (I) Normal Instruction Room, for all the group classes;
    (II) Private Instruction Room, for only private classes;
    (III) Free training area, for self-practice and functional cross training (FCT).
  • Lounge
  • - Where members can rest and socialise over a cup of tea

  • Full shower/ Locker facilities

Opening Hours and Membership Fees

We are closed every Monday.
The club will be opened during Public Holidays, but close for up to two days after Public Holidays.
(Courses/schedule are subject to review and change every 3 months).

Membership RMB 1,000 = registration / uniform / priority for seminars/workshops.
Teaching at the normal group class will follow a structured curriculum.